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Transparency, accountability & community-building are some of my top priorities, so I try to make Council’s work easily available here. We’re working on making the Town Website easier to navigate too. I love getting input & ideas from residents, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch – here’s my contact info!

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• Posted November 6, 2015
The Town of Witless Bay has just been awarded Municipalities NL’s “Tidy Towns Award of Excellence” for 2015!!! This award is given to communities who have maintained the highest overall score for two consecutive years! That’s the highest honour possible in this provincial contest!

And that’s not all – Witless Bay has also been declared the 2015 Category Winner for Environmental Action in recognition of the town’s outstanding performance and contribution to environmentally-friendly programs! That’s something to be proud of!!!

So congratulations to the hundreds of people who have made this possible: the members of our Community Enhancement Committee’s, our residents and selfless volunteers, the Heritage Committee, our Town Council and staff, and the many community groups and associations who pitched in and donated their time and energies to this effort (the Kinsmen, The O’Connor 50+ Club, the Girl Guides, the Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish, the BBBAA, the Puffin Patrol, St. Bernard’s Elementary School, Mobile High School, the Witless Bay Regional Fire Department, and all the others!). Well done!!!

Credit also goes out to the many businesses who helped in our Tidy Towns bid, including the Witless Bay Home Hardware, Witless Bay Ecotours, Needs Convenience, Independent Consultants Group, Felix’s, Plan-Tech Environment, and Eastern Waste Management. Thanks also the great team at Municipalities NL!

• Posted September 12, 2015

Many people have been asking about the differences between the May 2013 and the December 2014 Town Plans. These are two versions of the same plan, but there are big differences between them, coming from extremely different ways of imagining the town’s future.

The May 2013 Plan relies primarily on subdivision development to increase the town’s economy. Basically, it says, “More residents = more money.”

In 2014, Council redrafted this plan because many members of Council – including myself – believe that Witless Bay can be so much more than a faceless suburb of St. John’s. The December 2014 version of the plan focuses on using the town’s ecological assets to promote business and tourism. This means ensuring that the character of the town is preserved.

And it’s not just about keeping the town beautiful. The approach of the December 2014 Plan is also about keeping taxes low. Witless Bay is the 4th densest Town of its size in the entire province without public water, and the 4th biggest Town without public water. If the Town keeps growing at this pace and density, public water WILL be a necessity. This would be a multi-million dollar project to build, and a very expensive facility to run and maintain, resulting in higher taxes for everyone. Since public water is not a guarantee of good drinking water (hundreds of NL communities with public water have long-term boil water orders), we KNOW we’re better off protecting our wells. Larger lot sizes for large-scale subdivisions do just that.

Many people have also been asking about RAGGED BEACH:
This area is currently zoned as “Rural” and designated as “Park” in our current Town Plan (2005-2015). The 2013 Town Plan rezones it as “residential” and removes the park designation to allow for subdivision development. The 2014 Plan makes NO CHANGE TO PRIVATE LAND (leaving it “Rural,” just as it’s always been), keeps the Park designation, and rezones the Crown land to the south as Recreation & Conservation.

There’s still one more information session offered by Municipal Affairs, on Monday, September 14th (2pm to 8pm). Please consider attending to become better informed! The vote takes place September 17th, from 8am to 8pm.

• Posted September 5, 2015
Because of quorum issues, Council isn’t currently able to move Witless Bay’s Municipal Plan forward. Municipal Affairs has therefore announced that the Department will hold a plebiscite, giving residents the opportunity to participate in the process before the Plan is registered. Two iterations of the Plan will be presented, and as residents, you are invited to vote for the one YOU want registered!

The Municipal Plan directs Council’s decisions in terms of the development & use of land, conservation and improvements to the physical environment, land for public purposes, communication, utility & transportation systems, and municipal services and facilities. It also helps guide Council’s programs in relation to the social and economic development of the town. Essentially, this document serves to ensure that the Town continues to thrive and flourish.

September 10th (Thursday): 5pm to 9pm
September 12th (Saturday): 10am to 4pm
September 14th (Monday): 2pm to 8pm

September 15th (Tuesday): 8am to 8pm

• Posted July 26, 2015
Beautiful Witless Bay – A Profile!

2015 Witless Bay Community Profile Cover Page

2015 Witless Bay Community Profile Cover Page

Welcome to our corner of The Rock - A message from Sebastien Despres Mayor of Witless Bay

2015 Community Profile2

Witless Bay - Home of the North Atlantic Puffin

2015 Community Profile5 - Our Seabird Sanctuary - The Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

2015 Community Profile6

2015 Community Profile7

2015 Community Profile8

2015 Community Profile9

2015 Community Profile10

2015 Community Profile11

2015 Community Profile12

2015 Community Profile13

2015 Community Profile14

2015 Community Profile15

2015 Community Profile16

2015 Community Profile17

2015 Community Profile18

2015 Community Profile19

2015 Community Profile20

2015 Community Profile21

2015 Community Profile22

2015 Community Profile23

2015 Community Profile24

2015 Community Profile25

2015 Community Profile26

2015 Community Profile27

2015 Community Profile28

2015 Community Profile29

2015 Community Profile30

2015 Community Profile31

2015 Community Profile32

2015 Community Profile33

2015 Community Profile34

2015 Community Profile35

2015 Community Profile36

2015 Community Profile37

2015 Community Profile38

2015 Community Profile39

2015 Community Profile40

2015 Community Profile41

2015 Community Profile42


• Posted July 19, 2015
The Tidy Towns judges will be here tomorrow!
Tid Towns logo
On Monday, July 20th, the Tidy Towns judges will be in Witless Bay!!! This year, the following towns are vying for the “Tidy Town” title in our category:
• Glenwood
• Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove
• Rocky Harbour
• Centreville-Wareham-Trinity
• St. Lawrence

• Posted July 17, 2015
Letter from Canada’s Governor General to Residents of Witless Bay
The Governor General of Canada is the Patron of Communities in Bloom.
He has submitted this letter to our residents!

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