Welcome Signs

The town’s current signage is outdated and in disrepair. The members of the Community Enhancement Committee agree that signage is an important priority in our attempt to beautify the town.

The “Welcome to Witless Bay” signs should be very large, with easy-to-read lettering. The sign on the north side of the community should be the main sign, with a smaller sign to the south and another on the Witless Bay Line. When traveling in a car, these should be eye-catching enough for anyone and everyone to see. The Committee made it clear that the content of these signs must be very colourful and eye-popping, and that three-dimensional signs which attract the eye would best serve our purposes. These signs could include traditional aspects of Witless Bay’s culture and heritage, and should be made in large part of natural materials. The base of the signs could be a planter made of fieldstone, planted with evergreens that grow no higher that three feet, making it maintenance-free. In keeping with a “natural” theme, straight lines and square corners should be avoided where possible. Some aspect of the signs should be illuminated (maybe with with solar energy) so they would be visible and attractive at night.

It was agreed that the key feature to be highlighted on the main “Welcome to Witless Bay” signs should be the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, since this is our town’s most unique asset. Another important asset of the town that should be highlighted on the sign is the puffin, since it is colourful, easily recognized, and since it has already gained international attention in Witless Bay (because of the puffin patrol). Witless Bay is the entrance to the reserve which houses the largest puffin colony in the North America and the second largest colony of Leach’s Storm Petrels in the world.

The words and images should aim to create a certain, specific, feeling about the community, for both tourists and residents. The town’s name could also be playfully highlighted in a positive way. The text and imagery should reference Witless Bay in some way as the “Entrance to the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve.” The idea of “Gateway” has been discussed, as has the importance of the consistent use of the concept “ECOLOGICAL.” Consistently linking the ecological reserve with the town’s name will have the added benefit of associating ecology with Witless Bay in search engines and indexes.

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