The first meeting of the Community Enhancement Committee, in Witless Bay's Council Chambers.

The first meeting of the Community Enhancement Committee, in Witless Bay’s Council Chambers.

Welcome to the Community Enhancement Committee’s page!

Our goals: energizing residents’ community spirit, making Witless Bay an even better, more beautiful, and more environmentally sustainable place to live. In short, the Committee aims to make Witless Bay a tidy town that’s truly in bloom!

Anyone with a tie to Witless Bay is welcome to join this committee – Join us & help Witless Bay put its best foot forward!!!

Activities & Events
The CEC’s Tourism & Marketing Strategy
A SWOT Analysis for Witless Bay

Community Enhancement Committee Projects so far:


List of Possible Projects:
This list is a record of every idea (feasible or not!) suggested by residents & members of our Community Enhancement Committee. What else should be included? Email me or send me a message via Facebook to share your ideas & I’ll post them here!


• Further develop internal trail systems (in addition to East Coast Trail).
• Relocate Tourist Chalet on main highway.

Lower Pond Beach

• Repurpose existing tourist chalet to accommodate puffin patrol.
• Construct puffin launching station at Lower Pond.
• Build a large-scale Seabird Interpretation Centre at Lower Pond.
• Videocameras on Great Island with real-time footage of the burrows and the birds at the Ecological Reserve.
• A Puffin Museum.
• Eco-centre with an aquarium containing brown trout.

Lower Pond

• Install benches around the Pond.
• Boardwalks on Lower Pond.

The Tolt

• Stairs going up to the Tolt.
• Signs leading to the Tolt.
• At the summit, install a pole for miscellaneous signs.

Upper Pond/Main Beach

• Repair the Upper pond area.
• Replace bridge & repair finger wharves.
• Add a picnic area near Upper Pond to entice people to stop.
• Place the skeleton of a humpback whale near the main beach.

Gallows Cove
• Open up Dennis Cove (currently blocked off by gravel).
• Identify safe parking spot.
• Install signage.


• Organize a successful long-running Adopt-A-Spot program.
• Encourage participation in the Kinsmen’s Community Clean Up.
• Encourage beach cleaning (team up with CPAWS – Upper Pond cleanup).
• Clean-up side shoulders for walkers.
• Clean up around & beautify the old Graveyard and the road leading to it.
• Tidy up properties on either side of Southern Shore Highway after the sign.
• Ditch area between Main Highway and Old Highway on the Pinché

General Beautification
• Select an official Town Flower and invite everyone to plant it.
• Beautify church grounds.
• Encourage heritage architecture and colourful paint colours.
• Encourage tree planting & green spaces.
• Focus on sites most in need of improved curb appeal (Town Council Building; Rec Centre, ball field & pool area; Fish plant; Home Hardware; Graveyard road).
• Re-condition the Town’s swimming pool as a local attraction.
• General landscaping; Flowers/Plants/Shrubbery everywhere.


• Enact a beautification by-law.
• Enact a noise by-law.
• Future subdivisions should have proper roads/sidewalks/curb & gutter.
• Car wreck clean up.
• Increase and enforce buffer zone along ponds, streams, rivers, and the sea.

Work with Existing Community Groups

• Puffin Patrol (Encourage participation; help organize big launch party).
• Organize business beautification initiatives.
• Form partnerships with the schools to access students.

• Recycle/use crab shells.
• Christmas tree recycling program.
• Composting (per household / MMSB program).
• Energy-efficient and seabird-friendly street lighting.
• A community garden initiative.
• Encourage gardening.
• Adopt-a-Spot (roads & neighborhoods).
• Organize speakers’ series on sustainability.
• Install community garbage cans (to encourage less litter).
• Invite speakers to Community Enhancement Committee meetings.
• Focus on the creation of sustainable & green businesses.

• Encourage existing businesses to enhance their aesthetics (How? Tax incentives?)
• Attract a good quality year-round restaurant.

Awards to Encourage Beautification, Community Spirit & Sustainability
• Award for businesses & individuals who promote environmental sustainability.
• Award for best Christmas & Halloween decorations.
• Possible prize: Free pizza party at Recreation Centre (including 3-hour rental).
• Award for most original house number.

Each year, Municipalities NL hosts a contest between all the municipalities of the province. The winning towns get local, national and international recognition. This can be a great boon for a town’s economy. For Witless Bay to keep standing out, we have to help make the town as beautiful as it can be. We also have to demonstrate a strong sense of civic pride & environmental responsibility.

Involving the whole community in the effort is one of the key elements judges consider, which means that the Community Enhancement Committee seeks to work as a partner with all other community groups and organizations. This committee of Council will aim to be a keystone, uniting the various community groups in a common cause and assisting them in achieving their various goals.

For more information on Tidy Towns, please visit the Municipalities NL Website:
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A Great Read

Thirteen Ways to Kill Your Community

Thirteen Ways to Kill Your Community

This article, titled “THIRTEEN WAYS TO KILL A COMMUNITY, is by a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, and is really worth reading! It informs a lot of the work that our Community Enhancement Committee is doing, and clearly demonstrates a number of the things we should be focusing on! “A community’s success,” the author writes, “is determined more by its people and their determination to succeed than anything else.”


Activities & Events
The CEC’s Tourism & Marketing Strategy
A SWOT Analysis for Witless Bay