CEC Brainstorming

The first two meetings of Witless Bay’s Community Enhancement Committee involved a series of brainstorming activities. This page is a record of every idea (feasible or not!) that participants offered at these two sessions.

What differentiates Witless Bay from other places?
Our Town’s name.
The bird islands: The Witless Bay Ecological Reserve; Bird watching; Puffins; Petrels.
The sea: Main wharf & beach; Gallows Cove; Ragged Beach; Whales; Sea otters; Caplin; Breakers.
The promontories: 12 O’ Clock Hill; The Tolt.
Hiking & Walking: Paths throughout the community; The East Coast Trail.
Fresh water: Dowes pond; Lower pond; Trout.
Industry: The crab plant; The old meal plant; The hydro plant.
Historical Landmarks: The Presentation Convent; Root cellars; The Celtic cross in the old cemetery; Irish roots; The Cup & Saucer.

Symbols that should be emphasized in the Town’s marketing: The Witless Bay Ecological Reserve; the bird islands; the coastline, beaches, rocks, the sandy beach, the surf at the main beach; the outline of the community; the panoramic view of the community; the old graveyard(s); the Tolt.

First ideas for a Town motto
“Where seabirds come to nest”
“What nature calls home”
“Home of the North Atlantic Puffin”
“Absurdly beautiful”
“Gateway to the bird islands”
“Up close & personal… with nature”
“Puffins’ playground”
“Where puffins take flight”
“Connect with nature”
“Where puffins call home”

Possible Projects for the Community Enhancement Committee
“Welcome to Witless Bay”  (Could be more artistic; could promote Witless Bay as the centre of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve)
Landmark signs (Inviting people off the main road and into the community: Bears Cove, Gallows Cove, Harbour Road, Community Centre, Ball field, Pool)
Information Centre (“?” signs to show its location; “?” near storyboards; move info centre former location)
Hiking: Signs showing the way to East Coast Trail and other community trails (Liaise with East Coast Trail Association to help with re-signage)
Anti-Littering: New signs encouraging residents to avoid littering.
Storyboards: More storyboards in different areas of the community. Could feature community-based interpretation
Fix poorly-maintained signs

Encourage Heritage / Conservation
Highlight rich fishery history (like in Petty Harbour; could erect an authentic fishing stage)
Promote the study of whales/birds (More info at the Lower Pond; involve high school & MUN students to compile info on Whales and birds)
Install a telescope for viewing Puffins (Bill Birmingham)
Remind residents to not litter (via Newsletter)
Newsletter from the Community Enhancement Committee
Community mapping initiative

Infrastructure & Repair
Enlarge tourist chalet to accommodate puffin equipment, etc.
Reconfigure Tourist Chalet so people know it is a tourist chalet and not a shed.
Further develop internal trail systems (in addition to the East Coast Trail)
Upper pond area (badly in need of repair)
Replacing bridge by Needs/Upper pond
Replacing finger wharves next to bridge
Adding a picnic area near Upper Pond to entice people to stop
Beautify church grounds
Boardwalks on Lower Pond
Opening up Dennis Cove (currently blocked off by gravel)

Encourage participation in the Kinsmen’s Community Clean Up to clear the litter from the sides of the road
Encourage beach cleaning (team up with CPAWS – Upper Pond cleanup)
Clean-up side shoulders for walkers
Clean up around & beautify the old Graveyard and the road leading to it
Tidy up properties on either side of Southern Shore Highway after the sign
Ditch area between Main Highway and Old Highway on the Pinch

General Beautification
Encourage tree planting & green spaces
Focus on sites most in need of improved curb appeal (Town Council Building; Rec Centre, ball field & pool area; Fish plant; Home Hardware; Graveyard road)
Re-condition the Town’s swimming pool as a local attraction
General landscaping; Flowers/Plants/Shrubbery everywhere around the community

Enact a beautification by-law
Future subdivisions should have proper roads / sidewalks / curbs / gutters
Car wreck clean ups
Increase and enforce buffer zone along ponds, streams, rivers, and the sea

Work with Existing Community Groups
Puffin Patrol (Encourage participation; Work with Irish Loop Post; Organize a bigger launching party)
Offer award to Witless Bay business/individuals who promote environmental sustainability
Organize business beautification initiatives
Form partnerships with the schools to access students

Recycle/use crab shells
Christmas tree recycling program
Composting (per household / MMSB program)
Energy-efficient street lights
A community garden initiative
Encourage gardening
Adopt-a-Spot (roads & neighborhoods)
Organize speakers’ series on sustainability
Install community garbage cans (to encourage less litter)
Invite speakers to Community Enhancement Committee meetings

Community Spirit
Weekly Schedule of Activities in the Region
50+ Crafts – Mondays 10:00am
50+ Gym/Exercise – Mondays 10:00am
Pathfinders/Rangers (MHS) Mondays 7:00pm
Brownies (St. Bernard’s Elementary School) Mondays 7:00pm

50+ Gym/Exercise – Tuesdays 10:00am
Town Council meeting – Tuesdays 7:30pm (2nd Tuesday of each month)
Kinsmen Meetings – Tuesdays 8:00pm (bi-weekly)
K of C Bingo – Tuesdays 8:00pm

50+ Gym/Exercise – Wednesdays 10:00am
Breastfeeding Support Group (Bay Bulls Rec Centre) – Wednesdays 1:30pm
Army Cadets (MHS) – Wednesdays 7:00pm
50+ Seniors’ home card games – Wednesdays 7:30pm
AA Meeting – Wednesdays 8:00pm

50+ Gym/Exercise –Thursdays 10:00am
50+ Cards – Thursdays 1:30pm
Karate –Thursdays 6:00pm
Fire Hall Members’ Meeting (Fire Hall) – Thursdays evenings

Guides (MHS) Fridays 6:30pm
Sparks (St. Bernard’s Elementary School) Fridays 6:30pm
50+ Darts – Fridays 7:30pm

Sunday Mass (Church) – Sundays 11:00am
Family Skating (Arena) Sundays 2:00pm
Karate – Sundays 5:00pm

Other Activities
After school program – Monday thru Friday
Basketball School Program
Mobile sports events
Power Skating
Music Studio
Summer swimming
Exercise Programs at the Life Style Center
Ball Hockey league
Rec Ice Hockey leagues
Basketball leagues
Drop-in play at the Bay Bulls Rec Centre – Monday thru Thursday

Puffin Festival (More involvement from community; Make it a whole weekend; Focus more on kids)
Winter Carnival
Canada Day Festivities (Bring more attention to it)
Summer Program for Kids
Summer Swimming
50+ Activities (Darts, Cards, Crafts, etc)
Firemen’s Ball
Seniors’ Christmas Party
Puffin Patrol
Kinsmen Cleanup
Wright Music Studio Halloween Wonderland (Haunted House)
Craft Fair – Regional (usually in Bay Bulls)
K of C breakfast with Santa
Kinsmen’s Christmas Parade
Get more businesses involved, people in community involved.

Garden Party
Fall Fair
Dory Races at the Lower Pond
Adult Softball
Summer Program for Kids
Softball programs (community vs community tournaments)
Fundraisers for people in need
Photo Days sharing the history of Witless Bay (organized by the Heritage Committee)
Kinsmen Fishing Derby (pond)
Kinsmen Skidoo Treasure Hunt
Kinsmen Christmas Tree Lighting

Photo Day
Dog Show
Local dances
Electronic message board
Volunteer appreciation event (April is volunteer appreciation month)
Christmas event at the Rec Centre
Tree Lighting
Award for best Christmas decorations
Mayor’s walk for Heart and Stroke

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